Jul 2014

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Amazing! Deborah went out of her way to create a beautiful atmosphere! She is such a sweet and talented lady! I would recommend her to anyone! Incredible evening! - Laura-Lucia -

The food was very good and special! Deborah really made an effort to make everybody comfortable - and succeeded :)
Hope to have the pleasure again soon! - DMC Film -

Definitely the best dinner I had in Berlin this year! Well decorated table, amazing-tasting dishes, nice company and very good vibe! - Artas -

Alle meine Erwartungen wurden an dem Abend übertroffen. Deborah hat wunderbare vier Gänge gezaubert, die meine Gäste wunschlos glücklich gemacht haben. Die Highlights waren das Truffle brûlée with Spargel & Shrimp als erster Gang, gefolgt von einer Pasta mit frischem Pesto und geräuchertem Mozzarella, einem Erdbeersalat und dem Hauptgang: Kabeljau mit Spargel und einer unglaublichen Sauce Hollandaise. Deborah hat ihre Gänge selbst serviert und jeden Gang erklärt. Alles perfekt! - Ferry -

Hardly a day goes by without our talking about our stay in Berlin and the multiple highlights we experienced. Undoubtedly the experience  of being able to celebrate our holiday in your home for dinner was just very very special. Tony my brother in law still cannot get over what a great meal you produced for us. We tell others too and they also are quite amazed! - Alan -

While on vacation in Berlin, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in Festin hosted by Deborah. We had a wonderful evening-- truly special from the conversation to the food. Thank you for putting together a memorable and international experience. - Valerie -

Very nice dinner from Deborah. You can easily overpaint the meal with the truffle sent, but this wasn’t the case here. Every course was presented in a way that all ingredients where able to contribute to their unique flavor. - Matthias -

Fabulous food and wine! This was gourmet and delicious, as well as nice company. Thank you Deborah for a memorable meal and time. - Vivien -

Truly the best dining experience I’ve had yet in Berlin. Every dish is better than the next, the ambience is romantic, comfortable and cozy...Festin is the perfect combination of a fine restaurant dining experience with the comfort of a home setting. I can’t recommend it enough! - Lulu -

Everything was perfect, thank you very much! - Niklas -

Festin is without a doubt one of the most original and delicious dining experiences I’ve found in Berlin. The food was delectable, refined and beautifully presented alongside a diverse selection of wines that truly complemented the flavors of the meal. Our host was both warm and attentive as she made myself and the other diners feel very welcome as we indulged in one excellent course after the other within a cozy, yet highly elegant setting of her home. All the elements combines certainly made for a very memorable dinner and evening that I won’t soon forget! - Julie -

I had a delightful evening. Great food, great wine, great people. Absolutely recommend. - Anita -

Best dining experience in Berlin! Wonderful host/chef, delicious food, great wines, casual/intimate setting... I can highly recommend it! - Bernadette -

Loved it! - Marina -

During my visit to Berlin in June I decided to try a new dining experience based on a recommendation from a friend. I was pleasantly surprised! A combination of fine dining and a casual and intimate setting. The host went above and beyond and the dishes were delicious. I will definitely go back on my next trip to Berlin. Highly recommend it! - Richard -

I know Deborah personally. She is one of the persons who helped me discover my inner foodie. She is a lover of food and it shows in the thoughtful and meticulous fashion in which she prepares it. Thank you Debbie for sharing your love of food! - Carla -

I had an exquisite meal at Festin last week, and cannot wait to join for the next. It was the best and most creative, aesthetically pleasing, and well-thought-out dining experience I have had in Berlin. The entire 5 course meal was perfectly curated -- each plate was beautiful and interesting, and paired with a beautiful wine, each of which spoke uniquely with its dish. Our host-chef was very inviting, professional, and knowledgeable, and offered an excellent brief introduction to each course. The environment was intimate, charming, elegant, and warm, and the people and conversations were lovely. I can't recommend Festin enough -- it's an exceptional experience. - Sara -

I discovered Festin because Deborah advertised her dinner on my platform for social dining, Ploonge, and I was immediately intrigued by the concept of the dinner: a relaxed atmosphere, some good people, and great food. Truffle is one of my passions but the dishes prepared by Deborah were for me, something new- I've been really positively impressed. Good food, good wine and especially courtesy and a very good service. Deborah is a great host, caring and passionate about what she does. You can feel it from the food she prepares and the atmosphere you can feel in her living room. I'd strongly suggest an experience at Festin. And I'm looking forward to meet Deborah again for other social dining experiences. - Giuseppe -

Loved the dinner and Deborah herself is a wonderful chef and host :) - Claudia -
Being new to Berlin, I was lucky to join my first Festin evening last evening. It was a wonderful experience, relaxed atmosphere but at the same time impressive food and very nice participants. Thank you Deborah , thank you Festin! - Wilm -
My husband took me here last week for our 7 year anniversary. I absolutely loved it. It was very romantic and the ambience was relaxed. What we loved about it was that the supper club was reserved just for the two of us and the host made it a special night for us. Plus the food was simply divine. I highly recommend Deborah and Festin Supperclub! - Blake -