Delivering fresh Festin Food to your door...

Delivery Menu:
The Festin Fond, 200 / 400ml - € 2.40 / 3.90
The Festin Fond is the secret ingredient to almost every dish you’ve ever tasted at any of my dinners, lunches and special events. So you know, it makes food ridiculously delicious.
This broth is made through a 48 hour simmering process using 100% bio & free range chicken, and fusing it with a variety of vegetables and herbs.
*There is much research showing the benefits when consuming this type of broth on a regular basis:
Serves as a pro-biotic
Improves joint, bone & adrenal health
Reduces cellulite
Improves quality of skin
Reduces inflammation
Improves brain function
Improves digestion
Boosts immune system
2. Ginger, Orange & Apricot Sauce,
This is actually a savory sauce, made with beef broth and a variety fruits, spices & herbs. Perfect to throw over vegetables and rice or couscous!
Sweet Lime Salad Dressing, 10 servings (160ml) - € 3.90
Can be thrown over salads, vegetables and meats to make for an easy and delicious meal!
Power Chocolate Balls, 3er-Pack - € 2,00

5. The Real New York Cheese Cake - € 3.50 / 30.00
6. Chocolate Fudge Brownie - € 3.00 / 25.00

Our products and foods are 100% NATURAL, made with high quality ingredients.
They contain...
*Most animal-based products are BIO and FREE RANGE.

Festin now sends the chef to your private dinners and events, as well as offers catering for your business or casual events. You can either bring the chef to you, where he’ll cook on location, or simply have fresh cooked meals delivered to you in bio-environmentally friendly packaging!

Our food services can be hired for almost any occasion; we have experience on film-sets, done weddings and anniversary celebrations, as well as cooked in the comfort of someone’s home.

We also create
themed dinners for special events. For those of you looking for something really special, ask about the romantic dinners for two. An evening dedicated to a couple! For more details, contact me to make arrangements.

Deborah Tomassini-Buechner is originally from NYC, a sociologist turned food artist, who is inspired to share with others some of the things she loves most about dining out in New York City.